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What is Antifreeze and what does it do?

Antifreeze, also known as engine coolant, is a liquid allowed to circulate through your engine and cooling system that has four main capabilities: 

  • Provides maximum protection against freezing allowing antifreeze to flow freely even under cold wintery conditions.
  • Provides a higher boiling point prevents the engine from overheating in hot temperatures.
  • Antifreeze does infact contain a special mixture of corrosion inhibitor chemicals and additives to protect and hopefully prolong the life of your engine and cooling system.
  • Provides protection of rubber and plastics in your cars cooling system.

When should Antifreeze be replaced?  

  • Antifreeze should definitely be replaced at specific intervals. These depend on what type of product is being used and the car manufacturer in question. This is absolutely worth checking in your drivers hand book. It is advised, due to the nature of the product and the need for special equipment to test its effectiveness, that you have your coolant professionally checked at your local Alfa Donnini Melbourne Workshop replaced approximately every 2 years - this can vary though so please always check.

Why have your Alfa Donnini Melbourne check your Antifreeze?  


With the increasing complexity of modern engines there is now a wide range of different antifreeze products on the market. Identifying the right one to use has unfortunately become more difficult than ever before. We would advise that if your car is fitted with the incorrect product there is a danger that the antifreeze will corrode the engine - this advise is given by manufacturers. At Alfa Donnini Melbourne technicians have the training and knowledge to ensure that the correct antifreeze for your car is used at every application when required.

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